Investment Strategy
SOMA at Brickell
Investment Strategy

Monogram’s investment strategy incorporates strategic adaptation to market changes, cost-efficiency through self-management and the power of a well-defined luxury brand. Monogram’s portfolio is comprised one of the industry’s youngest portfolio of top tier Class A institutional quality assets.

Monogram acquires boutique-style communities within our multifamily ‘sweet spot’: unique, service-centered, amenity-rich and beautifully-designed properties, located in core urban growth markets. Our team maintains a rigorous due-diligence process, ensuring that each acquisition meets our exacting brand and investment standards.

Monogram capitalizes on development opportunities through strategic partnerships. By aligning with organizations that share a commitment to urban growth markets, distinctive architecture and well-conceived amenity packages, the Monogram Apartment Collection growth is heavily weighted on new construction development in highly desirable locations.

Monogram’s fully integrated operating platform represents best in class industry systems which support top tier operational performance as benchmarked against other public REITs. Our strategy to achieve extraordinary NOI performance growth is executed through a laser focus on revenue management, efficient on-site operations, a progressive view of business intelligence, and an experienced leadership team with forward thinking capabilities.